Dylan Gillis (Unsplash)

Qualitative Research

Investigating complex subject matter is our specialty. We have decades of experience interviewing diverse groups of consumers and B2B decision-makers. Our insights help clients understand buyer motivations, perceptions, and behaviors.

Tech-Ready Moderation

In our decades of experience interviewing and leading discussions with scientists, physicians, engineers, and other technical specialists, we have developed a knack for speaking their language. Though we never presume to know what they do, we believe our success is based on the extensive homework we do before we interview the respondent. Our researchers have spent thousands of hours investigating complex subject matter in search of the red marketing thread that will answer the client’s research questions.

Mode Agnostic

Remote or onsite, synchronous or asychnronous, our researchers are adept at many different approaches to leading discussions with respondents. Our approaches include conventional online or in-person focus groups, individual depth interviews, digital bulletin boards, and hybrid qual/quant discussion sessions.


  • Narrative inquiry
  • Projective techniques
  • Deprivation studies
  • Diary research
  • Design thinking