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Product Development

Product offerings are the life-blood of our clients, which is why they rely on us to help them launch and evolve winning marketing programs. We specialize in new product introductions, especially when the product contains a high degree of innovation. Our product research and strategy services reduce risk and optimize marketing program performance.

New Product Introductions

We specialize in helping companies launch new products, particularly products that contain a high degree of innovation. We have decades of experience fielding research programs to assess market reactions to new technologies and radically new product solutions. We have developed phased marketing programs designed to simplify complex offerings and help companies bridge the chasm between early adoptors and the early majority that will provide a company with sustainable growth.

  • Concept testing
  • Market sizing
  • Product marketing road maps
  • Product brand development

Product Innovation

From payment platforms to bio-informatic systems, we have helped a diverse set of clients unloick the potential for innovation within their technologies and IP. Our approach focuses on customer value, helping companies match unique capabilities and breakthrough technologies with unmet customer needs. Serving as the “voice of the customer,” we help product developers develop more effective product straregies through research and systematic prototyping.

  • Technology-to-value benchmarking
  • Exploratory research
  • Concept testing
  • Product implementation strategies
  • Early-stage marketing planning

Marketing Program Optimization

We work with many clients to revitalize their strategic approach to marketing their products and services, especially mature offerings. Clients rely on us to realign their messaging strategies, reposition their product brands, and to advise on optimal product portfolio architecture.

  • Messaging source documentation
  • Product portfolio architecture
  • Product positioning and repositioning