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Customer Development

How much are your customers worth? Our Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) research and strategy services help clients answer this critical question. CLV provides the most effective measure of marketing ROI. It helps clients align their brands to customer service programs and prioritize marketing investments.

CLV-Based Segmentation

Using analysis of client data and data gathered from Conclusive’s proprietary customer segmentation survey methodology, we help companies create more robust customer segmentation strategies. These strategies incorporate a valuation of each customer segment in terms of its long-term contribution to the firm’s profitability and market power. They also highlight the economic potential of retention and customer development programs, giving management a more reliable measure of ROI.

CLV Activation

In a recent CMO Study, 20% of senior marketers said that they had never measured Customer Lifetime Value, yet in the same study it is also the one metric that marketers are most prioritizing for the future. The shift to a customer-centric marketing approach relies upon frequent and accurate measures of Customer Lifetime Value, but a transition to this approach can be time-consuming and costly. We specialize in helping companies make this transition through. Our comprehensive approach is designed to develop implementation strategies that are tailored to the specific resources, capabilities, and needs of each individual client.