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Brand Strategy

From semiconductors to Playstations, SaaS platforms to genomic sequencers (and everything in between), we have helped hundreds of companies develop winning brand strategies. We are known for our narrative approach that resonates with employees as much as customers.

Experts in Foundational Branding

We help companies develop durable brand platforms–whether for their organization or for key product lines. These platforms include a foundational purpose, a promise statement, and an articulation of the core values that governs the brand’s behavior and identity.

Brand Platform

Strategic Focus

We advise our clients that great brands focus all their energy on what they do best, even if it means declining to offer services that competitors offer. In our case, we are a research and strategy-only practice. We decided to focus our energy on the strategic foundation of brands, and not offer brand identity services. However, we frequently collaborate with many industry-leading design studios when developing solutions for clients.

Branding Solutions

  • Brand positioning and repositioning
  • Brand architecture design and optimization
  • Strategic brand messaging frameworks
  • Tone of voice guidelines